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I Kings 5-7


When the house was built, it was with stone prepared at the quarry, so that neither hammer nor axe nor any tool of iron was heard in the house while it was being built.

~I Kings 6:7 (ESV)


Solomon poured riches and resources into creating this magnificent structure for God’s glory. He found willing and skilled craftspeople, selected the finest materials, and even made sure the workmen worked in a way honoring to God.

The tiniest detail of maintaining an atmosphere of respect during the building process really challenged me to examine my own structure of worship. They clearly recognized the awesome reality of the presence of God and the enormity of the task at hand. Creating a physical space for an infinite Being. A task too great to ever adequately accomplish, but we must do everything we can to come as close as possible because we owe Him everything we have and everything we are.


God deserves my utmost respect, reverence and awe.

As my body is His temple, I must attend carefully to every aspect of my body, both physical and spiritual.

Worship can be intimate as we praise our Abba Father, but it must also retain its respect for the great I AM.

I need to set aside more time for quiet worship, and dwelling on the character of God.


Father God, I praise You for Your perfect holiness. I could never reach Your standard which You graciously recognized and made a costly provision for. Help me, Lord, to remember all I owe you and live accordingly. I need to ruthlessly examine my body and my life and continue to bring every ounce of my being into accordance with You. I pray that You would be honored in my words, thoughts, schedules, eating, sleeping, spending, clothing, in my everything. Let me not rest or grow weary in well doing for You. ~Amen

5intow (Erin)

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