Jeremiah 45-48


7“For because of your trust in your own achievements and treasures,
Even you yourself will be captured;
And Chemosh will go off into exile
Together with his priests and his princes.

~Jeremiah 48:7


God hates sin.

That hit me overwhelmingly in these passages. We think of jealousy and hatred as wrong, but when it comes to God, nothing can infringe on His space, and anything opposed to His holiness deserves nothing short of hatred.

He could never ignore the wickedness that led His people away from Him. He could not leave unpunished those that worshiped other gods with their immoral practices and unholy living. He had to judge them because they would trust in their own talents and wealth.

Trusting in ourselves instead of God will never end anywhere good, just ask Moab.


I need to aggressively protect God’s number one place in my life.

Digging into God’s Word and worshiping and surrendering to Him in prayer has to have a permanent spot on my daily schedule.

Hate sin. I need to gouge it out of my life mercilessly, and not shy away from lovingly confronting those near to me.

Do things God’s way. Not trusting my own achievements or stockpiles, but in Him alone. I need to come empty and let Him write the story.


Lord, Help me to trust in You alone. You are the only real strength and sustenance I should ever really rely on. Thank you for patiently growing me even when I continue to harbor sin in my life which You hate so much! Help me to hate the way you hate, and zealously protect Your place of priority in my life. ~Amen

Erin (5intow)

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