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Ezekiel 43-45


Then the man brought me to the gate facing facing east and I saw the glory of the God of Israel coming from the east.  His voice was like the roar of rushing waters, and the land was radiant with his glory.  Ezekiel 43:1-2  (NIV)

Then the man brought me by way of the north gate to the front of the temple.  I looked and saw the glory of the Lord filling the temple of the Lord, and I fell facedown.   Ezekiel 44:4  (NIV)


The glory of the Lord comes from the east and fills the temple.  This is the millennial temple, which is different than the temple of Solomon, which was absent of the Shekinah glory, and the most Holy presence of the Lord, Jesus Christ, Himself.

This is the most glorious day in the history of mankind and in the history of history, itself!  Jesus Christ has returned to the earth and unlike the first time when he came to the world as a baby in Bethlehem, this time He brings the Shekinah glory, the most holiest of glory with Him and He fills the temple with His glory.  What a magnificent vision Ezekiel had and what a privilege it is to be able to read this record today in the Scriptures!


I love this section of the book of Ezekiel.  After the fall of Jerusalem, Ezekiel gave this message to the nation of Israel (and also to all future believers).  It is a glorious message!  It is a message of hope, redemption, and incredible and unthinkable love.  The book of Ezekiel climaxes here in these passages, when we get a firsthand eyewitness account of our future restoration manifested in the return of none other than the Lord, Jesus Christ to the earth, bringing the unimaginable and incomprehensible glory of God with Him to fill the temple.  His unchangeable and magnificent Holiness is here to stay!  Evil and sin are removed from the world forever and the people who believe in Him and love Him, see Him as He is and reign with Him forever and ever!  What a magnificent and glorious time this will be!

Today, as I live in this world and in this existence, I must always set my heart and my mind on this time in future redemptive history.  I confess that far too many times, this world seems too big to me and my heart is distracted.  I too often, forget who I truly am in Christ.  As I face the struggles and pains and persecutions of this world and this life, I must never forget first, who I am in Him and second, I must never forget that one day this glorious and amazing day will come to fruition and my God, whom I love with all of my heart, will remove all worries, all anxieties, and all sin and I will see Him AS HE IS!   I must keep this hope and this vision of Ezekiel’s alive in my heart every day of my life, especially during times of struggle.


O God, how I love and adore and cherish your Word! Thank you Lord, for the prophet Ezekiel and how you used him to fearlessly speak your words to the exiled Jews and also how you used him to speak the timeless truth of your awesome and amazing love, holiness and power!  You are SO AWESOME and the pages of your beautiful Word bring so much excitement and energy to my heart, especially this section of your Word.

I cannot wait until I think of nothing but your greatness and Your Holiness and fall facedown before you and praise your beautiful name forever and ever.   But today Lord, I confess that my heart is wayward and the struggles of my life and this world distract me from remembering that the battle has been won already.  You have defeated sin.  You have torn the veil.  You have delivered me and saved me and you are the love of my life and nothing…absolutely NOTHING…could change who I am in you!

Lord, I will continue to speak of your unfailing love all of my days.  I will praise you, honor you, love you and speak of you to all people.  As long as you allow my lungs to breathe and my heart to beat, I will never stop praising you.  Thank you for being a God so patient with me, so merciful and so loving and forgiving.  Thank you for being a God that is so incredibly Holy and majestic.  Thank you for being so in love with me and thank you for being MY GOD!  I love you so much!

In your beautiful Name I pray,

John (johnd7264)

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