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Luke 8 – 9


“Then a man named Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue, came and fell at Jesus’ feet, pleading with Hiim to come to his house because his only daughter, a girl of about twelve, was dying.”

“While Jesus was still speaking, someone came from the house of Jairus, the synagogue ruler. ‘Your daughter is dead,’ he said. ‘Don’t bother the teacher any more.’ Hearing this, Jesus said to Jairus, ‘Don’t be afraid, just believe, and she will be healed.'”

Luke 8:41-42 & 49-50 NIV


Jarius, knowing of the healing powers of Jesus, comes to Him asking Him to come and heal his daughter, who is dying. While Jesus is enroute to Jarius’ house, his daughter dies.  Jesus tells Jarius to not be afraid, but just believe.


One of my worst fears is that one of my children would have a terrible illness.  I look at families who have a child going through a major health crisis and I wonder how in the world I would be able to deal with that, especially if the child has a terminal condition. How do you sit and watch your child suffer so badly and not be able to do anything to cure them?

I’m thinking that most any parent probably has the same fears, which is what drove Jarius to seek Jesus out. His daughter was dying, he was terribly afraid, he needed to do something, anything to try to save her.

As I was reading this, I felt God speaking to me through verse 50 “Don’t be afraid, just believe…”.

God does not want me to live with a spirit of fear. He wants me to have peace, to trust Him, to believe that whatever comes my way, whether good or bad, He will be there to hold my hand and walk with me through it. Ultimately, my children are really His children. He created their inmost beings. He loves them beyond anything I can even imagine.

That is not to say that nothing bad will ever happen to them. We live in a sinful world, where troubles abound for both young and old alike. But I know that this world is only temporary and whatever happens here, no matter how painful, can not compare to the glory we will experience when He comes to take us to our real, everlasting home with Him.


Heavenly Father,

Please help me to believe only and always in You and Your ability to see me through any problems that come my way. Things that happen to us in this life don’t always make sense and not knowing what’s around the corner can make me afraid. Please help me to not live with a spirit of fear, but let your spirit of peace dwell within me.


– Beckie (look2thehills)



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