Exodus 30; Proverbs 6; John 9; Galatians 5

Freedom in Christ. Freedom from the law: a yoke of slavery by its rigorous demands, an intolerable burden for sinful man, according to my study notes. In my day to day, despite my best intentions and hopes to be fruitful, I find sin oppressive, stifling, waiting. I once told a friend, “I don’t feel free.”

It didn’t help that she said, “Well, I do.” But it got me thinking!

Clearly, I was missing something. Had I conditioned myself to live out my faith like a to-do list? I was under undue pressure to meet a set of expectations I hadn’t even clearly defined. I was caught in my own trappings–when I had already been set free.

The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.

Galatians 5:6

A reminder for today, instead of my list to do. So glad He still whispers to me, “love.”



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3 responses to “Exodus 30; Proverbs 6; John 9; Galatians 5

  1. Kathi Anglin

    Galations 5:6….a favorite in our family! I love how open you are to God’s whispers in your everyday life.

  2. Lo que vale es la fe actua mediante el amor. Galatas 5:6 NVI posted this yesterday on facebook. It really spoke to me too.

  3. Reggie, you have encouraged me to pull out my French bible to read in another language. I suppose I should get one in Spanish too!

    Kathi, would love to learn how you selected that verse.

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