Leviticus 24, Psalm 31, Ecclesiastes 7, 2 Timothy 3


To sit with you. To be still in your midst. To be held in your arms, quietly listening.

You are a good Father. Even if I were to forget every beautiful person in my life, give away all the wonderful “necessities” in my life– stripped of everything but the pages I read, I would still know You are good.

I can meet You there. In the silence. I can intimately acquaint myself with Your words because You wrote them! You left every trace of who You are in black, red, and in between the lines.

I read about a just God who tolerates no act of insubordination (Lev 24) and I know You hate sin. I know You are fair and desire strongly to cleanse me of sin. Yet through the words of David in Psalms 31, I know You are a refuge, a fortress, a safe place.

How great is your goodness,
which you have stored up for those who fear you,
which you bestow in the sight of men
on those who take refuge in you.
v. 19

You teach me wisdom through the words of Solomon. And I know You. You want me to live wisely, live long, live well ~ because You are a good Father.

And these words, every scripture, every story, every parable, poem, verse — equips me for action. By meeting You in Your Word, I am ready to live like Your Son. I can do every good work You have planned for me by Christ in me. And I ask that as I walk through my day, Your Spirit would bring words to prepare me to live well.

You are good and You never stop coming after me. You can’t. Even though I walk away, You love me still. Thank You for preparing a path for me, lighting my way with Your Words. May I walk in them daily, towards You. Always towards You.




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3 responses to “Leviticus 24, Psalm 31, Ecclesiastes 7, 2 Timothy 3

  1. sher

    Very blessed by what you have written! Thank you!

  2. God has blessed you with such a beautiful gift of faith.

  3. Sue

    Thanks Christian.

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