Numbers 10; Psalm 46-47; Song of Solomon 8; Hebrews 8

“For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.” Hebrews 8:12
I often forget to turn in library books, feed the dog, and change from slippers into shoes before going out. A few weeks ago, I completely forgot to go to a chiropractor appointment, and twice I have forgotten to write posts for 66 Books.

Sounds pretty forgetful, and yet…I can remember in complete detail the unkindness of a friend, the deceit of someone close to me, and the sting of someone’s unfair criticism. I keep an up-to-date, accurate record of wrongs done to me.

But God forgets. Because of Jesus, God will remember my sins no more! My itemized list of injustices has no place before such a merciful God. Indeed, can I claim to follow Him at all, if I refuse to become like Him in His forgiveness and forgetfulness?

God, thank You for Your mercy on me. Grow love and compassion in my heart, so that I can be like You. Thank You for being so forgetful. Amen.



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2 responses to “Numbers 10; Psalm 46-47; Song of Solomon 8; Hebrews 8

  1. (The part about the posts made me chuckle … thanks for the smile!)

    I kept journals from when I was 13 till about 25 yrs old. One day I decided to read through (some of) them, and was reminded of many unkindnesses, hurt feelings and sorrows. It brought up many pains I had moved away from and they were fresh and fierce–even after so many years, it just took a few sentences to remind me. I ended up shredding the notebooks.

  2. johnd7264

    It really is truly amazing, Amy, what He did for us at Calvary. He made atonement for our sins and they are removed from us as far as East is from West. I cannot comprehend just exactly how far that is, but it is definitely pretty far!

    It really makes me just so overwhelmingly joyful to know that we will get to see Him face to face, because He has forgotten our transgressions. My mind and my heart dream (more like obsesses) about this every single day. To get to see His face and LIVE! Wow! To get to spend eternity with Him in His Kingdom. What could this world offer that is better than that? Absolutely nothing!!

    Thanks so much for your words tonight. I love reading everything you write on here and today, you have fanned the flame and made my heart even more excited!

    Blessings to you!

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