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Deuteronomy 5, Psalms 88, Isaiah 33, Revelations 3

O LORD, be gracious to us;
we long for you.
Be our strength every morning,
our salvation in time of distress.

Isaiah 33:2

It’s 6:32 am. There might be a camper who’s bi-pap has been going off all night and it needs to be reset for the third time. It’s the fourth day of activities and I am tired. It’s exhausting but rewarding: leading campers who can’t see, feeding campers who can’t feed themselves, loving the unloved. And to see their paired volunteers struggle and fail, often triumph, weary as well, giving their all.

We wake up ready for another day and seek the Lord for his strength and salvation.

I’ve also been chewing on this idea of living like God’s strength is an endless source. I’m an escapist. I take the easy route. I hold back. But I think God receives glory when I enter situations of self-denial, pressed far beyond my own ability, talent, and reserves of energy. Here, at the end of myself, I can find Him. I can exchange my best for His best, my strength for His. And His strength is endless.


P.S. – I am currently at Camp Barnabas in Purdy, Missouri. During the week I have little to no contact with the outside world and would LOVE to hear from you all. Since I can’t access the blog from camp on a daily basis, if you feel lead to drop a verse or thought from your post please e-mail me at:


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Thanks! Keep abiding!


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