Deut. 29, Ps.119:49-72, Isa. 56, Matt. 4

“Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. And after fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. And the tempter came and said to him…” Matt 4:1-3

This was Jesus’ preparation for public ministry. In order to prepare himself for the temptation to come, Jesus fasted. That is, He willingly and purposefully placed himself in a weakened state. Sounds like a bad idea, but it was brilliant, it was counter-intuitive.

If I knew temptation was coming, I’d make sure I was well rested and well-fed. I would prepare myself for battle by strengthening myself… in myself.

Jesus prepared for ‘battle’ – temptation in preparation for his public ministry – not by strengthening himself in himself, but by strengthening himself in God the Father. For Jesus, fasting signified surrender to the Father’s will. It was the ultimate act of humility and the only way to prepare for the ministry God had for Him.

Surrender through fasting actually strengthened Him and gave Him the ability to resist the temptation. He was in a sense in His strongest place – fully surrendered to the Father.

I’ve never fasted, at least not that I can remember. And yet as I read this story of tempting and testing, of preparation and perseverance, of victory over Satan, of God’s strength in human weakness – I know I’ve had plenty of reason and opportunity to fast.

The next time I come to the end of myself, when all human wisdom is exhausted, when my knowledge of God and scripture fails to provide what I think I need, or when I am asked to do something I know I cannot do in my own strength… I pray I remember to take my cue’s from Jesus and consider the path of hunger. Maybe in some way fasting will make me acutely aware of my weakness and more aware of God’s strength and His ability to sustain me when I rely on Him.




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3 responses to “Deut. 29, Ps.119:49-72, Isa. 56, Matt. 4

  1. I met a mighty woman of God who told me yesterday that she fasts twice a week. She was surprised that I didn’t fast regularly. You have me thinking I should revisit this spiritual discipline. Thanks

  2. So many think that surrender is a sign of weakness…as if they are giving up.

    To me surrender is a sign of strength, humility, wisdom and charity.

    It takes strength to lift a heavy burden and hand it over to God, humility to admit you are fallible and can’t overcome any thing with out God, wisdom to know when to surrender and why, and last…it’s a charitable act of love to give away your burdens and entrust them to God. Heaven knows I’ve got more than I can handle and I joyfully surrender to Him.

    I’ve never looked at fasting in the way you wrote about it. But it makes perfect sense for when we are weak He is our strength.

  3. ps.anglin

    Cindi – thanks for adding your insight to the post.

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