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Joshua 6:6-27; Psalms 135-136; Isaiah 66; Matthew 14

“The idols of the nations are silver and gold, the work of men’s hands.  They have mouths, but they do not speak;  Eyes they have, but they do not see;  They have ears, but they do not hear;  Nor is there any breath in their mouths.   Those who make them are like them;  So is everyone who trusts in them.”   (Psalm 135: 15-18 – NKJV)

This Scripture seemed to jump out of my Bible and grab me by the throat today and caused me to think real carefully about the repercussions associated with the worshiping of idols.

As I paused to think and pray today about this passage, I was reminded by the Holy Spirit, that idols are everywhere and they are extremely dangerous.  Idols appear to be appealing, enticing, and attractive.  It is very easy to be gullible to their seducing powers.  But the truth about idols is that having idols in my life breaks God’s heart and causes me to break myself out of fellowship with Him.  When I have idols in my life and I trust in these idols to bring me joy, I actually become like these idols themselves!  I become blind and deaf, unable to hear and see God moving me, teaching me and growing me into His likeness.  Not only does it grieve deeply the heart of God, but worshiping idols is very destructive to my sanctification and my relationship with Him.

This is so important that I get this right if I want to be transformed into His likeness.  It is critical and I must take this so seriously!  I must be very careful in choosing whom and what I worship for if I take on the characteristics of what I worship, and I desire to be like Christ (and I desperately do!) then my heart’s desire must be to worship Him, serve Him, and become like Him and  Him alone!  The command to love and worship Him with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength, is a command I must take very seriously, for the dangers of worshiping other things in this world are very real.  There is no room for anyone or anything else, but Him.

Oh God, you have been and you continue to be so loving, kind, merciful and faithful to me.  How could I even think of replacing you with other goals and priorities and things?  YOU are the only ONE who could make my joy complete.  YOU are the only ONE who could make my dreams pleasant.  YOU are the only ONE who is God and YOU are the only ONE worthy of occupying my heart, my mind, my hopes, and my dreams.

Lord, I pray that you search me and know me and rid my life of any and all of the empty things that I am cling to.  I pray that your Holy Spirit fills my heart 100% with all of you and that you put a “no vacancy” sign on my heart so that nothing replaces you.  There is none like you, Lord.  You are the only Rock, the only Prince of Peace, the only Ancient of Days.  You are the great I Am and the Bright and Morning Star of my heart and my life.  Take all of me.  I am yours to use however you may wish.  I will worship you and praise you and love you, for you are MY GOD and I cherish you with all that am.

I love you, Jesus!

John (johnd7264)



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