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2 Samuel 15; 2 Corinthians 8; Ezekiel 22; Psalm 69

Absalom…killed his brother…betrayed his father.  What drives a man to this point of desperation?  His name means “father of peace”, but his life resembled nothing even close to peace.  Don’t get me wrong, he has a long tough history to overcome…and this is nothing easy to accomplish.  It starts with his father, David, who was a great king…but in his greatness his sin led to repercussions that followed his entire family.  But then, his half-brother has an affair with his sister which then compounds a life of destruction.  Yeah…this is all pretty extreme behavior to have to deal with, but was murder really the answer?

We then see him capstone the impact on his family by covertly deciding to take over the throne from his father through deceit, coercion and force.  Not only does he attempt to take what is not his, the method he uses to gain favor of the people is to provide judicial decisions to the public.  How ironic is it that the very thing he’s abusing is the same thing he’s using as a stepstool to get ahead.  He destroys the idea of justice by his decisions, yet embraces the “idea” of justice to gain favor.

Makes me wonder if I have ever (or maybe when I have) ”murdered” my brother with words, deeds or intentions?  Or…when I have ever betrayed my Father?  When have I ever tried to take the kingship of my life from its true heir?  And what brought me to the point of that betrayal?  Do I blame my heritage or my history?  Do I abuse the justice that’s been handed to me and refuse to treat it with the reverence that it deserves?  Do I abdicate my responsibility or do I stand?  Do I admit my failures & shortcomings?  Or do I change for the sake of perfect will?

God help me to stand…

God help me to embrace the plea of Psalm 69…a prayer my life should encounter more times than I care to admit.


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