1 Kings 20; Thessalonians 3; Daniel 2; Psalm 106

What struck me about the Daniel passage was the posture of Nebuchadnezzar in his request for reason about his dream.  Essentially, he had a dream that he knew meant “something”…and he wanted an explanation.  He had a problem though…who could he trust to explain the dream?  How would he know if the person explaining the dream was just making it up or was it a true interpretation?

How many times do I just settle for “an” answer to life’s problems and mysteries…when I should be seeking “the” answer?  Am I seeking counsel for the interpretation of my life just to find someone who agrees with my interpretation…or am I ensuring the interpretation comes from a true place?

Nebuchadnezzar reasons that if he can find someone who can also tell him the details of the dream itself…that same person could also be trusted to interpret the dream.  He’s looking for someone truly gifted to be his counsel in this matter.  It’s so important to him that he poses severe consequences for those around him that cannot do it…to the point of death!!!  Nebuchadnezzar knows that God speaks…and he wants to listen, but he knows that his own understanding is not strong enough to grasp the weight and breadth of what God has in store.  He’s seeking wisdom with as much intentionality and strength that he can muster.  Granted, he may have taken it too far, but the point is clear that he wanted the truth!

In times of pain, confusion or offered guidance by God…who am I seeking wisdom from.  Am I surrounding myself with people that are just like me?  Do the questions I ask lead to the answer I want?  Am I predicating my journey with breadcrumbs thrown ahead of me?  Or…

Am I seeking Godly wisdom from mentors that have nothing to gain from their own words?  Am I seeking counsel from specific people who I have identified as seeking God and God alone?  Is my desire to find God’s truth through Godly people?  Am I able to point to those who help me navigate life and say to them…

”Truly your God is the God of gods, the Lord of kings, and the revealer of secrets” (Daniel 2:47).



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2 responses to “1 Kings 20; Thessalonians 3; Daniel 2; Psalm 106

  1. Wise advice for seeking godly counsel.

  2. Good questions … tough answers.

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