2 Kings 6; 1 Timothy 3; Daniel 10; Psalm 119:1-24

Sometimes I’ve gotten really good advice. Sometimes I’ve gotten really terrible advice. Sometimes I’ve ignored all advice and gone with my gut … or worse: my heart. Sometimes I’ve fished for advice until I heard what I wanted to hear, and heard it enough times to ensure I was right. Sometimes I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing. Sometimes things worked out the way I wanted. Sometimes it was weeks, months or years later that I realized regret for the choice of following advice (or my gut or my heart). Sometimes, still, those choices haunt.

I think of people who have offered advice over the years: people who don’t want to rock the boat, people who love to watch other people rocking the boat, a therapist, compassionate people, angry people, people who love people, people who don’t always like people, selfish people, generous people, people with no kids, people with kids, people with grandkids, shy people, outgoing people, people who love God, and people who don’t love God.

Sometimes even people with the best intentions, who love me, who are compassionate and generous and love God can still give advice that doesn’t line up with God’s word. And whether it’s a friend, a book, a counselor, a therapist, a Christian (or not), every opinion is flavored by experience, personal preferences or training. I need to think hard before I lock arms and go skipping down a path (thought system, belief or philosophy) and see if it aligns itself with God’s truth.

Your statutes are my delight; they are my counselors. Psalm 119:24

Lord, I pray that I would seek you and your will first.

Courtney (66books365)



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3 responses to “2 Kings 6; 1 Timothy 3; Daniel 10; Psalm 119:1-24

  1. Wise woman beyond your years.

  2. Oh Reggie, you made me laugh. =)

    I wish!

    It’s mostly through error that I’ve gotten to this point.

  3. Sue

    wow – pretty applicable to me these days. i’ve done alot of thinking lately about how everyone needs to learn at least some things by trial and error. to me it’s just the type of thing or the number of things that vary from person to person. i’m also realizing more and more why so many churches are filled with old ladies. by then you can really appreciate God’s counsel. and i think some of the young folks filling the pews are paying lip service to following/appreciating God’s counsel, but not until they have grey hair (more than I have under this Loreal color) will they more completely understand it… BTW – i hope i don’t read this tomorrow full of regret – and if so I hope there’s a delete button!!!

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