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2 Kings 16; Titus 2; Hosea 9; Psalms 126-128

 Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one’s youth.  Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.  – Psalm 127:4-5a

My quiver is full.   I have four sons and three daughters.  My oldest is fifteen – an age where he is just now being pulled out of the quiver and placed in the bow.

I love the imagery of archery as a metaphor for my role as a father.  My children are like arrows.  They are designed to have an impact.   I am the archer.  I decide:

  • when to pull them out of the quiver
  • where to aim them
  • when to let them fly

If I am unskilled in my role or careless in my aiming, an arrow designed for maximum impact may have no impact at all.  Or worse, the impact could be devastating.  Of course, other factors play into the impact of my arrows:

  • The arrow’s design
  • The availability of targets
  • Wind, obstacles, and other circumstances encountered on its flight to the target

But the Psalmist is making it clear that as a dad I have a huge responsibility for directing the paths of my children.

  • Have I been actively training to become a skilled archer? 
  • Have I sought the counsel of experienced archers? 
  • Have I taken the time to understand the unique design of every arrow in my quiver? 
  • Do I know where I am aiming? 
  • Do I know when to release my arrows? 
  • Do I know HOW to release my arrows?
  • Do I understand that I only get one shot with each arrow?

I am so blessed to have a full quiver.  Thank you for the awesome joy I receive in leading seven wonderful children.  Thank you for entrusting me with the responsibility to impact this world to your glory.  I desire to be the best archer that I can be.  And I pray that you extend grace to my children when I inevitably fall short of the mark.

Greg (gmd40187)



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