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2 Kings 17; Titus 3; Hosea 10; Psalm129-131

You are likely familiar with all the things moms say in a day, summarized well in that now famous You Tube video. That version even includes the karaoke style words if you want to sing along.

While I don’t say all those things everyday, I can relate to the need to repeat time and again what my children need to learn, especially on the spiritual front. Be kind. Use your words. What would Jesus Do? Did you pray about that?

We come back to the same passages, the same prayers as we see the same problems come up in our addictions to sin.

Paul has his own often repeated list, and you find it at the end of his letters. I love reading those last chapters and verses, because you see him quickly sum up everything that he wants the recipient to remember. Like the last words yelled to a departing bus. Just look past the final greetings and commands to specific people (kind of like “brush your teeth” and “be sure to write”) and you find what he wants you to mull over as the letter goes back in the envelope.

From Titus 3 — be ready to do whatever is good, to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and to show true humility toward all men, avoid foolish controversies, warn a divisive person once (then twice, then have nothing to do with him), devote yourself to being good.

Devote yourself to doing what is good. That pretty well sums it up. Israel could have used that back in 2 Kings and Hosea. Instead they did what they saw everyone else doing. Evil. Worshiping false gods. They planted wickedness and reaped it.

God wants to bless us. He wants us to seek Him. He says it over and over. He lived it in front of us, he repeated it throughout the New Testament letters. Maybe we need a catchy tune to get our attention.

Oh wait, He did that, too.

I guess I need to make sure to listen. Just like kids tune out their mom’s messages that drone on and on each day, we tune out the precious love that He speaks to us.

Lord, help me never to tire of listening to Your wisdom. Thank you for patiently repeating what I can’t hear often enough. Awake in my a freshness to follow. I love you, Lord!~Amen


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