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1 Chronicles 17, James 4, Jonah 1, Luke 6

Luke 6:45 (NIV)
“The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart.  For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.”

I am reminded of a cartoon image of a dog with a little devil on one shoulder and a little angel sitting on the other.  The dog is about to chase the cat.  The tiny devil whispers “do it” and the little angel is whispering “don’t do it”.  (I can’t really remember how it always turned out.)

My mouth.  The overflow of my heart.  Eeek!

For me, it is a daily struggle to feed the good voice and starve the bad voice.  How often, does my human side want to make the snide comment?  Get the “last” word?  Sarcastically remind my husband or daughter or friend that *I* was “right”?  Some pretty yucky stuff overflows some days.

Holy Spirit, fill my heart with your goodness, your patience, your kindness.  I know my words are an overflow of my heart, allow them to be sweet, encouraging and loving.  Never selfish, divisive or cutting.  Remind me, on those bad days…to take a minute to stop and ask you to fill my heart (and mouth) with your words and your attitude.



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