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2Chron.16; Rev. 5; Zech. 1; John 4

To be known is to be loved.

That he saw past, through, within her. To the disgusting, ugly, wretched, sinful, despicable depths of  who she was and saw one only he could love.

I’m a psych major. I recently had the chance to participate in a study on attractiveness. I was in a fractured mood of sorts on that particular morning, but the Lord was with me.

The study took place in a little corner room on the top floor of a big brick building. I was asked to sit down, take a look at a series of pictures, and rate them on a scale from 1-5 based on how attractive I perceived them.

I’ve never been one for following instructions.

Also, I decided to conduct my own “experiment.”


I prayed,

Give me your eyes for these people. I want to see them as YOU would.

And I began. The first few faces were of “typical” people. Folks you would see anywhere. Then, I noticed people began to look more and more tired. And defeated. And lonely. And angry. I knew what the experimenters were after. But, I thought, aren’t these the folks Jesus came for? Doesn’t he love them just as much as he loves me? Did he not come for the sick?

So gradually, the faces that popped up who looked “attractive,” I ranked lower. For those who are beautiful and know it are full of self, proud, and these the Lord resists. But those who were tired, weary, done–these are the faces I gave the higher ratings. For His strength is made perfect in weakness.

When the Lord sees a soul in submission to His will, He rapidly responds. For He can received much glory from their plight, and can give the most rest to the most weary of souls.


I want your eyes. I give you my eyes of flesh and exchanged them for those of the Spirit to see folks as you would, and seek to love as you love.

For to be known is to be loved and to be loved is to be known. Despite weakness. Love covers sin.

Thank you,

Relentless lover

Courageous friend

Good teacher

– christiancourier517


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