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2Chronicles 27,28; Revelation 14; Zechariah 10; John 13

The idols speak deceit,

diviners see visions that lie;

they tell dreams that are false,

they give comfort in vain.

Therefore the people  wander like sheep

oppressed for lack of a shepherd.

Amazing how the words of the Bible speak truth still today; “the idols speak deceit”.

What idols in life speak lies to you?

Here’s a few that come to mind…

Careers…security, confidence, pride

Money…false security, hope, temporary comfort

House…status, pride

Cars…status, pride

Sports/Activities/Bodies…pride, confidence, status, false self image

These things are all part of life, we all have jobs and careers but it’s when we place our careers and possessions above God  when the lies begin to take root.  We begin to believe our success is shelf made not from God, therefore we no longer give thanks for his provisions.  God wants good things for us, however he provides for all in different ways.  Not all provisions are tangible, not all are equal.  But we buy into the lies when we begin to think we deserve  a nicer car or home even though what we have is adequate and manageable, and although there is nothing wrong with having the finer things, those things can and usually consume and suck the joy right out of life.

We are all blinded by the false dreams that money can buy. The temporary comfort that it can provide.

Beauty and health have been distorted beyond recognition to where men and women no longer see beauty in God’s creation called man.

Everything listed above can be taken away in a blink, jobs are lost, homes and cars repossessed, savings dwindle to zero and health deteriorates from stress.

It’s no wonder we wander aimlessly like lost sheep. Oppression for lack of a shepherd?

But we have a divine shepherd that promises security, hope, comfort and love.  He sustains us, provides for us, loves us unconditionally even on our worst days.

Why are we still so stubborn and arrogant to think we can do anything on our own.  It’s exhausting and futile. Will we ever learn?

Thank you Lord for your patience and love.

Thank you for your divine provisions.

Thank you for your Son, our hope, our Savior.






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