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Genesis 32; Esther 8; Mark 3; Romans 3

In Esther chapter 8 we see that God provided a way to prevent the deaths of many Jews.  By placing Esther as queen, God worked His plan even before Hamen devised his plan to have the Jews destroyed.

I was reminded of a situation that occurred in my life many years ago when initially the circumstances didn’t look very good for me.  I noticed that my job title had been changed on the company contacts list.  Initially I thought that maybe it was just an error until my supervisor asked me to come and talk to her.  I was told that it had been decided that another person in the company was going to take my role and that I would be junior to her.  I really didn’t understand and wasn’t given any reason related to my performance, but it was obvious that “something” was going on.  I felt that I had been unjustly demoted, but just had a sense that there wasn’t anything that I could do about it.  It seemed that my career may be in jeopardy and that I might have to pursue other opportunities.

Over some time, I felt that the Lord was telling me that I needed to approach the woman placed in my position and discuss how we could work together to accomplish the goals of the company.  The Lord wanted me to be open and honest; to work for the good even in a bad situation.  I was unsure of how the situation would resolve, but I knew that I needed to continue to do what the Lord was instructing, remain positive and work hard.

So often we cannot see the whole situation and it can cause us to lose hope.  It can seem that God is not working in the situation, but it’s just not true!

I am reminded of a statement I heard by Andy Stanley; Even when life and circumstances are uncertain, God is certain!

In my situation, I continued to work in a positive way with the woman who had been place in my position, but eventually she chose to leave the company.  I was then placed back in the position that I previously held and eventually became in charge of the entire department in that company.

Lord, help me to know that even when circumstances seem stacked up against me, that I have an advocate working for my good.  You are a certainty that I can rely upon!



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