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Gen. 41; Mark 11; Job 7; Rom. 11

And if by grace, then it is no longer by works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace.

Works ≠ Grace.

The “amazement” of grace is its complete indepedence of my endeavoring.

This was true upon my justification, when I was relieved from the penalty of my sin and it remains true in the midst of my sanctification as God continually removes the power of my sin.

Freely, He frees me from my bondage.

True, I get to be an active partcipant in this ratification process but it is wholly initiated by the grace of God.

The more abundant the experience of grace the more intense the consciousness of being a sinner.

It is not sin, but God’s grace showing a man and ever reminding him what a sinner he was that will keep him truly humble.

It is not sin but grace that will make me know myself as a sinner.

– Andrew Murray

Graces reveals sin. Light exposes darkness. The perfect image of Christ makes me aware of my imperfection.

And I thank Him that there are no shortage of “moments of grace” to reveal my imperfection!

A white lie. A rude comment. A second glance.  Cutting someone off in traffic. A thought of arrogance.

And at this point of sin I am pricked by the conviction of the Holy Spirit ~

who gracefully calls me back into His presence. Not because He wants to condemn me or hurt me or punish me. No, this punishment has already been dealt with. He wants to move me further towards the image of Christ. And these moments of conviction are my surest confirmation of His grace.

Yet these sweet moments are still the effect of God’s grace upon me, and not the cause. For what cause would there be in me to earn the grace of God?

Holy Spirit,

I give You consent to nudge and prod at all aspects of my sin today. Ouch, it hurts. But the hurt is what it will take for Your will to be done.


You did not spare pain from your Son, how can I expect that my life will be painless? I submit. As You provide the grace for me to remain weak. Today.

– christiancourier517


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