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Exodus 7; Luke 10; Job 24; I Corinthians 11

I have a lot in life to get excited about, if I take the time to celebrate it.

Quiet snuggles with my kids.

A rock-solid faithful husband.

Kids growing in their faith.

Times of ministry with other homeschool moms.

God at work in my own life.

God using me in various groups and classes.

And many more examples of God’s touch intertwining my everyday life.

However, no matter the victory and reason to rejoice, it should not let me forget the real reason I should know joy. The most significant reason for me to rejoice is because my name is written in the Book of Life. Yet, how often do I really get excited about that? Unfortunately as I live the Christian life I get caught up in the every day walk and forget the salvation that first brought me down this path. I wouldn’t even think much of it now except for these startling words that Jesus said to his disciples in Luke 10:20,42 say, “20 However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”

Here they returned from an amazing ministry trip. You can imagine the slide show in the darkened auditorium showing lives changed, including those in the group that went out. Demons renounced. The gospel preached. Maybe even a well dug or a medical ministry established. Surely they should rejoice in that! But, Jesus brought them back to what really matters. That they in their personal life are saved eternally.

Think of the ramifications of this type of focus on a daily basis. Our joy in the Lord can get off that roller coaster based on how we perceive Him at work in our lives. He has already done the greatest deed in saving us. We don’t need to seek out mountain top experiences because we’ve been to the mountain and walk each day along the ridge into eternity. The greatest joy in life is ours each day because He has adopted us as His very own.

If that wasn’t clear enough, we see it played out again in the well worn story of Mary and Martha. At the close of Martha’s outburst, Jesus gently reminds her in Luke 10:42, “but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

Should we never minister? Should we spend all day everyday on our bedroom floor soaking in His Word? Obviously, Christ did not demonstrate that in the way he spent his days on earth.

But, we could probably use a little more of that and a little less of the activity, as spiritually productive as it may be. I don’t want to gain the whole world, even the whole spiritual world, and lose myself.

My salvation is secure and that should carry me with joy through each day.

Thank you, Father God, for sending your Son as my Savior. Thank you that in that act you provided an eternity of joy for me. Thank you for the preciousness of salvation. Lord, help me each day to revel in how great a salvation you have given to me, that I can be called a child of God. So that I can pray in Jesus name, Amen

Erin (5intow)


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