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Ex.12:22-51; Luke 15; Job 30; I Cor. 16


What does that mean for you?

Is it a drive you wish you could forget?

Is it a thought of a wandering Jew?

Is it a TV show you couldn’t seem to get?

Or, is it a thought of a lost sheep – a lost coin – a lost son?

I was lost for a long time.  I was that sheep. that coin. that son.

But, God welcomed me home without so much as a scolding word. He filled my heart with love and joy and peace.

He gave me happiness and showed me how to love Him back.  He taught me to worship Him and never cease.

For some reason – a God thing I’m sure – I think I get it.  God just wants to know me and me to know Him. He wants to love me and me to love Him.

And most of all, He wants to fill me up with his Spirit and me to give it back.

Thank you God!  “My life is a love song to you.”



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