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Josh. 3; Ps.126-128; Isa. 63; Matt. 11

I get a few lines into the scene and return to it again and again. There is something here for me. Distracted by verses in other books: quivers, tears in planting/joy in harvest, His rest. Yet I can’t keep away from Joshua. And I can’t stop wondering if the water was cold that day.

These are the bites that grab me:

Since you have never traveled this way before

for tomorrow the Lord will do great wonders among you

take a few steps into the river and stop there

Step in and stop.

A harvest season and overflowing banks. God tells them to step in and stop. I try to imagine what it all looked like: the people, the water, the priests preparing to step out ahead, the air of anticipation and expectation, the presence of God making a way.

He goes before me; He goes with me. And in seasons of overflow, His harvest is great. If I step in and stop, won’t I then bear witness to His great wonders? If I am too busy testing the water and looking around, I miss out on His gift of rest in the overflow. If I am intimidated by the waters and don’t step out in faith, I will miss out on His wonders.

Father, as we prepare to move in the coming weeks, I am thankful for your word and comforting reminder that you go before me and you go with me. May I have peace in the “stopping” in your presence, looking with anticipation and expectation of your great wonders. May I rest in the being still, and knowing who you are. Amen.

Courtney (66books365)


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