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1 Samuel 14; Romans 12; Jeremiah 51; Psalm 30

Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God. Romans 12: 2

Our minds are powerful and influential.  I chuckle every time I hear that someone has the stomach bug – instantly I have a stomachache!  Or I love when my kids come home from school with the news that another student has head lice – instantly my head itches!  Late at night when the house is quiet, little noises always equal an intruder!  It’s crazy!  But just as easily as I can believe that I have head lice, spending my time watching, reading, or listening to things that are not of Christ has the potential to influence my thought life as well.  I often think of the expression, “Garbage in… Garbage out”.  Even waiting in the check-out line in the grocery store for five minutes, reading over the tabloids can convince me that I am not thin enough, pretty enough, or that I don’t have enough possessions.  It’s scary how quickly my mind can become clouded with things that are not of God.

That’s why this verse stuck out to me so much.  God knows how easily I can become tripped up by the things in this world.  He has placed me here for such a time as this, to do His will and to share the love of Jesus.  However, God wants me to be different.  He does not want me to conform to the likeness of this age, rather He wants me to continually be renewing my mind so that I can walk in step with Him.  My mind can be changed through prayer, reading and reflecting on His Word, by worship, and by being in tune to the Holy Spirit living in me.  This is how real life transformation can happen.

Yet knowing this, so often I go in the other direction.  It’s so frustrating to me that I know the truth, yet stray from it.  Why?  I know how weak I am, how easily I give in to temptation, how I let the cares of this life drown out God’s truth, and how I let busyness take over.  I pray that as I meditate on this verse, that I will allow the truth and power of it to penetrate my heart and my mind.

God, I desire to be transformed by You.  I confess to You my weakness and so often my pride.  Lord, Your Word is Truth, and has the potential to change me.  I pray that I would seek You first above all else, so that I will be able to know what is good and pleasing to You.  Mold me, Lord. Take over my thoughts and desires.  I want to be used by You.  I love You, Jesus.


Suzie (suzielawyer)


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