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2 Samuel 6; I Cornithians 16; Ezekiel 14; Psalm 55

How strange it is that our giant slaying hero , years later confesses deep, dark fears that terrorize and leave him shaking.

When it comes down to it, am I any different? One day I am confident and full of faith, able to step forward in the most difficult of situations and stare down darkness and uncertainty with the strength of the Holy Spirit.  I am quick to encourage brothers and sisters to do the same and don’t get it when they admit to worries, struggles and doubt.  Yet, days, months, maybe years later,  I realize how fragile life is and my imagination works against me and I am inwardly cowering.

David was incredibly humble and understood that his people needed to hear what went on inside the king’s head. This was not simple “venting.”  He intended that the psalm to be public knowledge and gave detailed instructions for his words to be set to the music of stringed instruments.

This Psalm was not about David as much as it was about the God who listens, rescues, sustains, cares and conquers evil…the God who loves with ferocity and an abandon that at times is difficult to understand.  It’s about the one who is more beautiful, more constant and more steadfast than our imaginations.  So this September 11th, we grieve the losses of the past 10 years. There have been many and more will come, but we can say with David, “as for me, I will trust in you” and watch for God at work.  He is faithful.  Amen.


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