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2 Samuel 14; 2 Corinthians 7; Ezekiel 21; Psalm 68

Our God is a God of salvation, and to GOD, the Lord, belong deliverances from death.  Psalm 68:20

One of the things I’m enjoying about participating in this blog is the bi-weekly search for a topic.  It is the best motivation I have to carefully consider every verse of the day’s reading selection.  I’m finding I tend to notice things that ordinarily would not capture my attention.  Psalm 68:20 is a perfect example.

When I consider the whisper of understanding I have of the enormity of God’s holiness, when I consider how high above mankind He is, when I think about how He gave us life and we, from the very beginning, chose to rebel rather than serve Him in humbly obedient gratitude, I’m amazed that He did immediately erase Adam from existence.  When I read about generation after generation of His chosen people turning from Him to any other god they could conjure, I’m amazed He never rescinded His plans for them.  When I see how most people Jesus encountered abused His love and grace and eventually His body, I’m amazed He never summoned His cloud of ascension to abandon us long before the cross.  When I see that even now, long after my salvation, I rarely if ever make it through a day without going 0-10 on keeping the ten commandments, I’m amazed He didn’t allow my heart to harden to stone before I could turn to Him in faith, or that He hasn’t disciplined me on a daily basis since.

I’m amazed at so many things He has and hasn’t done.  As I argued in my inaugural post this year, God was under no obligation to give us the Bible, but He did.  He isn’t required to answer prayers, but He does.  There’s no earthly reason why He should remove the scales of blindness from the eyes of our hearts, but He has and He does and He will until every last one of His elect have turned to Him.

I wonder how any of this can be, but the simple answer is that our God is a God of salvation.  It is in His nature to save.  It’s what He does because it is who He is.

Dear Lord, You are not just the Lord of life, but the Lord of deliverances from death.  On my own, I could never have imagined You to be even the slightest fraction of the God You truly are.  No one could ever have summoned the audacity to invent the description of You that You provide us in your Word.  I praise you for being the Great Saving God that You are!  Amen.

Michael (mmattix)


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