1Kings 21; 1Thess.4; Dan. 3; Ps.107

Three big-G God men oppose a small-g god king.

Small-g god king, infuriated, cranks up the heat.

Three big-G God men end up in a furnace with a big-G God.

Small-g god king is astounded and acknowledges big-G God.

Daniel and his friends would agree with the words of Tozer about a big-G God today: “He shows Himself not to reason but to faith and love.”

They knew a God big enough to save their souls, and bodies, from the flames. Their God wasn’t merely married to the pages of scripture or tied up in theory. He was a God that was real.

So, in faith, they put their knowledge to the road. And He showed Himself. To them and to everyone watching that day.

Infinite God,

I want to road-test my faith for you in action, not in theory because You are a God of faith and love, not just reason. 

– c


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  1. “He shows Himself not to reason but to faith and love” mmm good quote, well written c-lib

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