2 Kings 20; Hebrews 2; Hosea 13; Psalms 137, 138

When I fed them they were satisfied; when they were satisfied, they became proud; then they forgot me.  ~ Hosea 13:6

I just came out of time of struggle in my life and during that time I clung to the Word of God; wrote letters to God and journaled everyday.  Now that life has returned to a place of calm, I’ve noticed that my fervency for the Word and time with God has lessened.  As I read the words in Hosea, I am reminded again that I too am proud.  I seek God in my times of trouble and coast when times are good.  As I read “then they forgot me” I am saddened that I too have not sought out the Lord in the good times.  I realize what joy I am missing by not sharing with Him in all the times of my life.

Father, forgive me my pride and silence during the “good times”.  Keep me ever mindful of Your presence in my life in all times and draw me near to You.




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2 responses to “2 Kings 20; Hebrews 2; Hosea 13; Psalms 137, 138

  1. CL

    These words reverb with me. Thanks.

  2. I’ve been missing the seeking and closeness I felt during a trial. Felt very aware of this shift myself and trying not to make it be so.

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