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2Kings 21; Heb. 3; Hos. 14; Ps.139

I’m struck by Kathleen’s post yesterday – about how when things are going smoothly, our thoughts of Him tend to lessen.  It struck me for several reasons – originally (before reading the chapters for my post) it was because my wife and I had to lean on him a lot this week to get through some non-life threatening, but none the less stressful, medical issues.  It dawned on me that Kathleen’s words rung oh so true.  Then, however, I was struck by the following:

O LORD, you have searched me
and you know me.

you are familiar with all my ways. Ps 139:1,3b

Although not so much the verse as what the writers of the study notes say about it.

God, you know me perfectly, far beyond my knowledge of myself: my every action, my every undertaking and the manner in which I pursue it, even my thoughts before they are fully crystallized and my words before they were uttered.

This notion that I am so frail and flawed that I can forget about Him, but that he knows me so well that he could NEVER for get me blows me away. Our God is Great!!!

Oh great God – I leaned on you a lot this last week, and you were there.  Let me never forget that you will ALWAYS be there even when – especially when – I’m not leaning on you.  AMEN

Jim (jmicth1)



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