2Kings 21; Heb. 3; Hos. 14; Ps.139

I’m struck by Kathleen’s post yesterday – about how when things are going smoothly, our thoughts of Him tend to lessen.  It struck me for several reasons – originally (before reading the chapters for my post) it was because my wife and I had to lean on him a lot this week to get through some non-life threatening, but none the less stressful, medical issues.  It dawned on me that Kathleen’s words rung oh so true.  Then, however, I was struck by the following:

O LORD, you have searched me
and you know me.

you are familiar with all my ways. Ps 139:1,3b

Although not so much the verse as what the writers of the study notes say about it.

God, you know me perfectly, far beyond my knowledge of myself: my every action, my every undertaking and the manner in which I pursue it, even my thoughts before they are fully crystallized and my words before they were uttered.

This notion that I am so frail and flawed that I can forget about Him, but that he knows me so well that he could NEVER for get me blows me away. Our God is Great!!!

Oh great God – I leaned on you a lot this last week, and you were there.  Let me never forget that you will ALWAYS be there even when – especially when – I’m not leaning on you.  AMEN

Jim (jmicth1)



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One response to “2Kings 21; Heb. 3; Hos. 14; Ps.139

  1. kathy (klueh)

    I love this Psalm for the very reasons you listed. I may confuse myself, not understand the motivations of my own heart, etc. etc. but God is never confused by me and loves me. All of this is so much greater than I am. All I have to do is stop moving so fast and accept His invitation to be loved by Him. That’s not my nature, (deep down I still believe I need to earn his love). I am learning though. Thank God for His grace and patience.

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