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1 Chronicles1,2; Hebrews 8; Amos 2; Psalm 145

Today’s psalm is the one I need to remember and turn to the next time I’m feeling lukewarm toward God.  Is there any other passage in the Bible that contains a more amazing description of our amazing God?

In it, we see that God is:


Great and most worthy of praise

Abundantly good



Slow to anger

Rich in love

Good to all

Praised by all His works

Extolled by His faithful people


Trustworthy in all He promises

Faithful in all He does

Righteous in all His ways

Near to all who call on Him in truth

These are just the descriptions of God Himself.  Psalm 145 has far more to say about the Lord’s works, His kingdom, and what He does for those who love and fear Him.

 I’ll grant that perhaps another passage somewhere in the Bible does greater justice to God, but if so, I’ll bet it’s found in another Psalm of David.  His enthusiastic joy in contemplating God here is impossible to miss.  I suspect I’m not alone in adding that when reading this I find his enthusiasm impossible not to share!

 Yes Lord, let every creature praise Your holy name for ever and ever!  Amen.

Michael (mmattix)


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