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1Chronicles 15; James 2; Amos 9; Luke 4

My husband gave me a beautiful gift a couple of weekends ago.  First thing you must know about Jim is that he is not a dancer and has never claimed to be.  He is one of those men who always offers to get you something to drink as soon as the music starts up or manages to either get engaged in a life changing conversation or suddenly not feel well.  When those options run out, he just shakes his head, “No.”  He does not have an innate sense of rhythm and does not enjoy getting out on the dance floor.

Something magical happened a last month.  He danced.  We were at a friend’s wedding, the music was great,  we were amongst dear friends and had much to celebrate.  And suddenly the desire to dance overcame any self consciousness (I promise you no alcohol was involved).  He wanted to be out there with me, our friends and celebrate. He didn’t just dance one dance,  he went the distance and boogied to the end.  Side bar: my daughter immediately texted her brother that this seismic shift had occurred. Jim’s sudden change in heart helped me see David’s dancing in a whole new light.

My heart goes out to David who “danced before the Lord.”  His joy at what God had done was so complete that he put aside all pretense and self preoccupation and “danced with all his might”  in the midst of commoners and royalty alike. I can hear the pulsing music and see David in the sweaty, joyous crowd now.  God keep us from hardened hearts and critical spirits that try to crush the wonder of His work among us.  I pray that I am more like David and less like Michal in approach towards life with God. Both individuals had suffered physically and emotionally during the years leading up to this event.  One chose joy,  the other a bitter and a judgmental heart.  God help us choose joy.



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