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2Chron.6:12-42; 1John 5; Hab. 1; Luke 20

I love how awesome it is that God gives us something new to think about each time we read a passage we’ve read before.  The parable of the tenants (along with some other reading I’m doing) did that for me this week.  Of course the message of the story is clear, that “God so loved the world, he gave his only Son…,” but the deeper message I think God wanted me to see in this is that, our salvation means more to him than it ever will to us.

I’m sure most parents, especially if they are believers,  have  made this connection as it relates to their children.  Their children become the most important thing to them.  Parents focus on their children’s happiness and well being, in some cases,  almost to the exclusion of their own.  Of course God can’t exclude His own glory, but he is truly focused on our salvation.

Not  being able to have children has meant that I could not personally “live” this notion, however, I think God, through my study of the Word and other spiritual disciplines, has given me as intimate a view as he could.

God, thank you for giving me ears to hear and understand.  I want to live my life to glorify you so that my salvation is sweet for you. Please help me see more of your awesome Love! AMEN

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