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2Chronicles 21; Revelation 9; Zechariah 5; John 8

 “I tell you the truth,” Jesus answered, “before Abraham was born, I am!”  John 8:58

This is what Jesus had to say to the critics he walked amongst in his day;  this is what he speaks to us us today.  No matter what the condition of the world we live in,  no matter the state of my heart,  my mind or my emotions,  his reality remains the same.  He was,  He is and He remains the living God.  What men have to say about Him is irrelevant.  What He says about Himself is everything.  In the end,  when I draw my last breath,  He is all I have.  He is who I have set my hope upon.  His shoulders alone bear that burden.

As I write this, my father in law lies dying. He is 93.  He has never accepted Christ. We have prayed that he would know and love Jesus for 30 some years now.  We celebrate his life and put his soul in the hands of Jesus.  Once again,  Jesus is who I set my hope upon. His shoulders alone bear that burden.  I love the enormity of His grace and depth of his love.  Both, I only have glimpses of.  May His will be accomplished.




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