2 Chronicles 22&23; Revelation 10; Zechariah 6; John 9

John 9 – The story of Jesus healing the blind man on the Sabbath.  The Pharisees were intent on setting a trap for Jesus.  Investigating the healing, they questioned the one who had been healed, as well as his parents and those who had witnessed the healing.

John 9:25b  “One thing I do know.  I was blind, but now I see!”

Sometimes the questions of theology and faith become so complex.  We have grand discussions regarding the nuances of words and their original Greek or Hebrew meaning.  There is certainly a time and a place for those conversations.  However, some days, I think we need to quell the din and simply state…”I was blind, but now I see!”


Thank you Father, for your Amazing Saving Grace!  I once was lost, but now am found.  Was blind, but now I see!



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