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2 Chronicles 34; Revelation 20; Malachi 2; John 19

He was so undeniably different.


From the instant of conception to his final breath, people couldn’t help but stop and stare, and respond.


He made shepherds stand a little taller; Wise men bow a little lower. Rulers paused, speechless. Philosophers wondered more deeply. Sinners repent completely.


Where he walked love poured out. Miracles left footprints. And children laughed.


What was Pilate’s mental struggle as the placard  proclaimed, “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”? Others balked and wanted a disclaimer added. He stood his ground. He had gazed into the face of the Almighty and couldn’t forget. He changed that day, and even as he argued with the crowd to try to bring about Christ’s freedom, he backed away from using his power to set him free. History leaves us with the conflict still lingering with some accounts saying he and his wife became Christians, and others saying he committed suicide and never reconciled with himself over this trial.


You can’t meet Jesus face to face and not change. You either change for the better, forsaking all and setting Him as your lodestar, or you steel yourself against his holiness and turn back to wallow in your human sinfulness all the more. You can’t look him in the eye and not choose.


I want to live blatantly different from the world around me.

Lord, thank you for living such a dynamicly powerful life on this earth. No matter how often I read your biography I come away in awe of You. I want to be just like You. Help me to stand out for You, that your love may shine clearly through my cracks, that my faith would shine the floodlight on You, and that those who cross my path would not be able to ignore that I walk a narrow trail led by a humble carpenter. Help me keep pointing the way to The Way. In Jesus Name ~Amen




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