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Genesis 13,14,15; Matthew 5:1-26

Lot looked out across the land to choose a piece for himself. He went to the greener pasture. But sometimes what looks lush, green, fertile is actually on the verge of evil. Looks can be deceiving. He set up his tents outside the city limits of Sodom–a wicked city that repeatedly sinned against the Lord.

Abram let Lot have his pick of the land. He rested in God and knew: whatever he had, wherever he went–he’d be ok, because God provides. Here, God provides many things to Abram–land, protection from warring kingdoms, alliances to retrieve his captive nephew … and underneath a starry sky, God promises an heir.

When Lot is freed, the king of Sodom comes out to talk to Abram, saying, “Give back my people who were captured. But you may keep for yourself all the goods you have recovered.” Genesis 14:21 NLT.

Abram declines the offer of goods–that this ruler might boast of having provided Abram’s wealth. Abram knows and won’t be fooled by evil’s lure–only God provides.

Matthew 5:3-12 … the Beatitudes remind: the poor, the mourning, the meek, the pure, the humble, the merciful–God blesses them. God provides.

Abram was a wealthy man, but he was humble too–and he gave thanks where it was due.

God blesses those who are humble, for they will inherit the whole earth. Matthew 5:5 (NLT)

Stars in the sky.

Father, you turn my thinking inside out and counter-culture. I have wrongfully sought value and success based on corrupt measures. Help me to assess things by your standards, and may I never forget that you provide. (Thank you, thank you, for faithfulness to your word.)

Courtney (66books365)


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