Job 5,6,7; Mt 8:18-34

A despairing man should have the devotion of his friends…But my brothers are as undependable as intermittent streams… Job 6:14-15

When I’ve gone through rough patches in my life, all I really want is someone to lean on, comfort me, and just be there.  That is an awesome quality to have in a friend, but a rare find.  Fortunately for me, one of my very dear friends happens to possess the quality of being a great comfort, simply by being there and listening.

When Job mentioned the above scripture, I believe he longed to have a friend who also would be a good listener and comfort for him.  It’s frustrating when dealing with struggles and those around us can only offer recycled answers such as, “Change is constant,” or “You should be happy to have a job at all,” or “He fought the good fight and at least now he’s in a better place.”  While all of those comments may be true, when you’re dealing with pain and stress, those answers aren’t very comforting.  Job’s friend, in essence, said, “If it were me, I’d lay it all before God, because He’ll make it right.  He’s a mighty God; He’s done mighty things in the past and will again in the future.  I’d call upon Him,” (see Job 5).  Job knew who God was, but in the midst of his pain, what Job really wanted was comfort and what he felt he received was a slap in the face.

My prayer for me is that I would learn the qualities that my friend possesses; that I would be a quiet comfort to those around me who are hurting.  Lord, teach me to know when to speak and when to sit quietly with those who are hurting.  Thank you Lord.  In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.



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3 responses to “Job 5,6,7; Mt 8:18-34

  1. amyctanner

    I have been blessed to have a friend like that too. It is truly a gift from God to have someone who listens and ‘gets me’.

  2. I love your prayer and the glimpse into your heart.

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