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Job 11, 12, 13 – Mt 9: 18-38

Sometimes things go according to plan, but not always. I think its kinda funny that even though in real life where we can’t predict what is going to happen in most cases, we still somehow think we can have God all figured out. We see that in chapter 11 where Zophar ridicules Job for questioning God and even goes as far as to say that he hasn’t suffered enough for his sins.

“Listen! God is doubtless punishing you far less than you deserve.” Job 11:6b NLT

He goes on and on describing how big God is and how wrong Job is and he ends up putting God in a box by thinking he understands how God would react to Job. He is not comforting with his words. He is not kind in how he deals with Job. He is not focused on bringing glory to God or helping Job through a troubled time. I mean isn’t that what God would want from us, from me? I know there have been times where I was on both sides of this.

The good thing is that Job is mature enough in his walk with God to know better. He knows that God is big enough to handle our frustrations and doubts. He knows God is not so insecure in Himself that he can’t handle a few questions with regard to his will. Job knows that if he really wants to understand his suffering, he has to go to the only One who knows all about it.

“But true wisdom and power are found in God; counsel and understanding are his.” Job 12:13 NLT

In Mathew we see this same struggle between those who believed with faith in Jesus and those who doubted because Jesus didn’t always act how they thought he was supposed to. Their doubts and questions are not brought to Jesus with the intention of gaining understanding. Even after seeing miracles, they reject him because He didn’t fit into their idea of who God was supposed to be.

“But the pharisees said, “He can cast out demons because he is empowered by the prince of demons.”” Mt 9:34 NLT

At the end of Mathew 9, Jesus calls for us to help those who are suffering. He wants us to be involved in helping those who are weary. He asks us to pray for the Lord to send workers into the field.

Sometimes that will be us.

God, I thank you that you are too big for me to understand and that I can come to you with all that I am, messy, doubting, questioning. Forgive me when I lose site of that. Help to move my eyes from myself to those around me so that I can be a helper in your kingdoms work. Shine that light of Jesus through me to bring hope to others.


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