Job 25, 25, 27; Mat 12:24-50

It’s your heart not the dictionary that gives meaning to your words.” Words are powerful, take them seriously.” Matthew 12:34&36 (MSG)

Recently I was helping my son look up vocabulary words and define their meanings. It got me thinking about how I don’t just want him to know the word of God, be able to memorize verses, but feel it in his heart. So that when trouble comes and he is afraid or scared he will remember those words because they are hidden in his heart.

Is that why Job asks… “What hope do people without God have when life is cut short?” Job 27:8 (MSG) Because really “What hope do people without God have?”…

The question I ask myself is, “Where do I put my hope?” & more specifically, “Where do I put my hope when…?” Where do I put my hope when… life seems crazy, I can’t predict the future, my expectations are not met?…the list could go on & on…

I am amazed at the kind of faith Job had, when he didn’t even have the promises of the New Testament or the power of the Holy Spirit. Job did not need to see miracles like the people in Matthew when they said, “Teacher, we want to see your credentials. Give us some hard evidence that God is in this. How about a miracle?” Mt 12:38 (MSG)

How much more faith should I have? Am I really living by the power of the Holy Spirit? It says in Matthew 12:28 “But if it is by God’s power that I am sending the evil spirits packing, then God’s Kingdom is here for sure.” (MSG)

How much more powerful could my words be to move me closer to Jesus, if I relied on the power of the Holy Spirit. Especially at times when I don’t know what to pray or a situation seems too difficult. The Holy Spirit will bring to mind those words, verses that I memorized. They won’t be just words anymore. They will breath life into me, give me Hope when I need it, power to be obedient, even when I don’t feel like it.

Thank you Jesus that I don’t have to rely on my own power, because it will come up short every time. You promise to give me the power of the Holy Spirit, to pray for me when I can’t remember what to pray, to be sufficient for me in my weakness, to overcome my fears. Thank you Jesus that you love me enough to send a helper for me until I am with you. Help me to use my words to praise you, encourage others and lift them up. To remember the power that my words have to bring life & hope to others.

Amy (amyctanner)


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5 responses to “Job 25, 25, 27; Mat 12:24-50

  1. Such an inspiring message instead of saying a post. I admire your zealousness to share your wisdom and giving inspiration to your readers. 🙂

  2. Christine Esser

    WOW, Amy! Powerful, encouraging, inspiring words. Thank you for sharing this. It is my prayer, too. ❤

  3. Thank you both! I was inspired by Job’s question & God really spoke to me through it. Especially the way the Message paraphrased it.

  4. jmitch1

    Great post Amy! Sometimes when I can’t think of the right words to pray, I stop for a minute and realize that perhaps God is telling me to be quite and listen. His Word is steadfast!

  5. Yes! I crave the quiet, but don’t always slow down & take the time to listen. It makes me think about how many times I have missed what God is trying to tell me.

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