Job 28,29; Matthew 13:1-30

I thought, “Surely …”

Job speaks. Tells of a life lived well, a reminiscing of the good old days. He lists his accomplishments long, reads like a promising resume, and how can you not think he’s a Good Guy? He had it all going for him. His testimony tells of honor and respect. He was counting on things; I hear it in his words, I thought, “Surely …” Job 29:18 (NLT).

Job loses family. He loses his livelihood–animals, crops. He loses the vapor-hope of expectation. He was counting on things to go a certain way, just not the way things went. The things he listed that formed his identity, gone.

When we moved into our house in August, areas of our yard were overgrown with weeds and vines. Parts were downright hostile, thorny, poisonous. Down on hands and knees, hours of days spent pulling and wrestling. A friend brought a truck and ripped and tugged at the landscape. Massive vines wrapped around trees, choking life, taking over. Poison ivy feigning lush life, camouflaging a secret, spoiling death. Brush fortresses an intimidating barrier to progress. Scripture bloomed literal meaning. Jesus talks about seeds and weeds–my hands ached, swollen from tedious tending. I saw how quickly something is overcome. Oh, the life metaphor!

Hanging out in Job and Matthew, I process the loss of my own expectations. I see how worries have choked life from me–at times, overwhelming. I went to the Lord often with grief and mourning, but how often did I seek him for wisdom and understanding?

When Jesus says, “Listen!” I pray, God, help me hear.

Courtney (66books365)



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4 responses to “Job 28,29; Matthew 13:1-30

  1. I love the imagery of the weeds & vines. Sometimes I feel like I am pulling & wrestling them out of my life.
    I really like the question, “How often do I seek Him for wisdom & understanding?”

  2. Thanks, Amy. If you ever want to sit and soak up that imagery, meet me in my front yard in May. I think that’s the beginning of weed season. 😉

  3. Rob Graff

    A couple thoughts came to mind reading this.
    1. How Job dealt with unmet expectations, is a lesson on remembering God is control even when it does not appear so to us.
    2. Taking out the “weeds” in our life as soon as we notice them will keep our garden clean and they are a lot easier to remove when the weeds are small.

  4. Courtney, I related so well to what you wrote, “He was counting on things to go a certain way, just not the way things went. The things he listed that formed his identity, gone.” I thought you had read the latest chapter in my life’s story. I’m by no means righteous like Job, and much of my works will probably go up in flame in God’s presence, and unlike reading Job, I cannot read the ending of my story. Yet, I will trust God’s plan for me and pull weeds when they threaten my faith, plant seeds, if He trusts me with His truth, and simply stand in the midst of the tares if He calls me and strengthens me to do so.

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