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Genesis 39,40; Matthew 21:23-46

Sometimes people sell you out. Sometimes it’s by the very people you love.

Joseph’s story¬† was just that. Literally sold. By his own brothers. Taken away. Sentences read matter-of-fact, yet a much bigger movement accompanies. I look for majesty and I don’t miss it.

The Lord was with Joseph … (Genesis 39:2 NLT)

And so it doesn’t go unnoticed, He is there again:

Potiphar […] realized that the Lord was with Joseph. (Genesis 39:3 NLT)

These words loudest off the page, read with exclamation, again and again.

All throughout, no record of Joseph complaining. No raging at injustice. No sulking, pouting, mourning, foot-stomping, bad attitude.

I am impressed by this: God was with Joseph and he knew it, and others saw it and were blessed by it.

In the face of (fill in the blank: betrayal, grief, disappointment, anger, accusation, wrong-doing), am I aware of God’s presence in my life?

Or am I so busy (complaining, mourning, griping, grieving, whining, sulking) that no one else would be aware of God’s presence in my life?

To think that no matter what comes my way, I could be blessed and be a blessing. Or not.

Father, in some of the biggest storms, I knew you were there. But it is in the daily details (bickering children, forgotten ballet slippers, a clogged sink), that I tend to lose sight of you and default to complaint. Lord, I pray today that I’d look for your majesty and not miss it … in every good thing, every unexpected thing, and every ordinary thing. You are with me in all of it.

Courtney (66books365)



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