Genesis 39,40; Matthew 21:23-46

Sometimes people sell you out. Sometimes it’s by the very people you love.

Joseph’s story  was just that. Literally sold. By his own brothers. Taken away. Sentences read matter-of-fact, yet a much bigger movement accompanies. I look for majesty and I don’t miss it.

The Lord was with Joseph … (Genesis 39:2 NLT)

And so it doesn’t go unnoticed, He is there again:

Potiphar […] realized that the Lord was with Joseph. (Genesis 39:3 NLT)

These words loudest off the page, read with exclamation, again and again.

All throughout, no record of Joseph complaining. No raging at injustice. No sulking, pouting, mourning, foot-stomping, bad attitude.

I am impressed by this: God was with Joseph and he knew it, and others saw it and were blessed by it.

In the face of (fill in the blank: betrayal, grief, disappointment, anger, accusation, wrong-doing), am I aware of God’s presence in my life?

Or am I so busy (complaining, mourning, griping, grieving, whining, sulking) that no one else would be aware of God’s presence in my life?

To think that no matter what comes my way, I could be blessed and be a blessing. Or not.

Father, in some of the biggest storms, I knew you were there. But it is in the daily details (bickering children, forgotten ballet slippers, a clogged sink), that I tend to lose sight of you and default to complaint. Lord, I pray today that I’d look for your majesty and not miss it … in every good thing, every unexpected thing, and every ordinary thing. You are with me in all of it.

Courtney (66books365)


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3 responses to “Genesis 39,40; Matthew 21:23-46

  1. Thanks for that reminder this morning Courtney! I needed it:)

  2. I think we all pray that we will not miss His majesty while we are in the trenches.

  3. Sue

    I was thinking of this very thing recently. I forget the circumstance, but I had one of those uncharacteristically peaceful moments in the midst of a minor storm, the kind of thing when God shows up and you just suddently have this feeling of His presence, and you say, “Well Hi there! Haven’t seen you in awhile.” But then you know He was there all along and you feel a bit silly. it’s just that it is so real sometimes. And then you realize that it would happen more if you just took the time… Then I heard something on the radio about this topic (today?). Then I see your post… Must be something I need to heed!!!

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