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Exodus 12, 13; Matthew 26:1-35

The two greatest events in the Bible were the Exodus and Christ’s death and resurrection.  Both events lay the foundation for our faith, our salvation, and our sanctification.  In fact, these Scriptures can be used to prepare us to push on to ever-increasing depths of understanding as we empty ourselves of empty selves and let God’s Spirit permeate our decisions, our relationships, and our calling to serve Him.


People of God, be ready for change! (Don’t procrastinate like the Jewish people who resisted Moses or cling to false courage like the 12 disciples who denied they would stumble)

Redemption has taken place (the Passover saved an enslaved nation; Christ’s death and resurrection saved all mankind for all time)

Each exodus begins with a sacrifice ( blood was required as a public display to destroy the idols we cling to -change is gonna hurt sometimes)

Purchased by God, our salvation was paid in full (He set the price and He satisfied the debt; we’re free!)

Acknowledge your short comings (character flaws, willful sins, negligence, obstinacy; shall I go on?)

Repent (withdraw from the errors of your recent past and your past past)

Accept the new values of submission to God (our powerlessness reveals God’s great hand and His tender mercies)

Trust in the pillar of fire by night and the cloud by day (look for signs of His leading; study His word; stay in His presence)

Instruct your hands and your feet to work, to give, to rest (seize the day, the hour, the moment)

Out with the old and in with the new (surely there will come necessary endings – be willing to let go and learn to embrace)

Not of yourselves but by God’s grace (Only God knows which firstborn to redeem – He said,“I shall go forth.”  Only Christ shed His blood for the remission of our sins; He said, “This is my body…this is My blood.”)

Preparations – make them and go forth in peace!



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