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Leviticus 23, 24; Mark 10:32-52

Would you rather have a relationship or rules?

The thing about a relationship is they take work; whether marriage, family, or friends, there’s give and take.  They take effort and caring about someone else’s needs, often times above your own.  Rules, on the other hand, just take one thing: obedience.  You don’t have to care about the person or thing you are following.  The only “work” involved in rules is following them.  But is following rules the only thing you want out of life, or do you want more?

God wants more; that’s why He created human beings—others to be in a relationship with Him.  He didn’t want a bunch of “yes-men.”  He wanted people who would love Him and love nothing more than having relationship with Him.  But when we turn down the chance for a relationship with God, all we’re left with are rules.  That became very clear to me in reading Leviticus 23.  I discovered that their choosing rules over relationship demanded they live ceremonious lifestyles at least 118 days per year.  And where does the relationship come in, you ask?  With Jesus.

Jesus asked the blind man calling out to Him, “What do you want me to do for you?” (Mark 10:51).  Now, it seems pretty obvious to most readers that if he was blind, he was looking for sight.  But that’s not what Jesus meant.  When we call out to Him, Jesus asks each one of us, “What do you want me to do for you?  In other words, “Are you seeking a relationship with me, or only what I can do for you?”

Throughout the week, we need to ask ourselves: Am I seeking out the Lord only for what He can do for me or for a true relationship?



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