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Lev 26, 27; Mk 11:19-33

I think sometimes it’s easy to forget about the sovereignty of God. That He is in control of every thing, big and small. As we go through our day to day, as we drive to work or raise our families, we can miss God moving in our lives. It is especially hard here in the United States where we have so much freedom and control over how we live our lives. The freedom in choice and in convenience of food and drink and entertainment is truly beyond astounding. We work for it no doubt, but usually in controlled environments where we in most cases do not have to deal with the elements.

In Leviticus, God paints a pretty amazing picture of His control and ties it to the behavior of the nation of Israel. His blessings for when they honor Him and His curse for when they go astray. It’s pretty prophetic, in that the nation of Israel would go on to repeat this progression of blessings and curses to the point of enslavement by other nations several times. But what amazed me the most is how God actually kept stopping and saying and if that does work then I will do this in Leviticus 26th. He wants to stop, He wants to see the people turn back to Him.  His goal is not punishment, but reconciliation.

Sometimes in life, the struggles can be tough and we often wish for them to go away. But a wise man I know once said that, it is in the darkness that we can find the light more easily. I believe that God has the greatest impact and we have the most potential for growth through pain and sorrow. I know, easier said than done. Nobody wants to go through the valley, they only want to be on the mountain top. I always try to see the big picture when going threw trials, remembering His faithfulness, His provision, but if I am honest, I still doubt from time to time. God is definitely still working on me. So what is God using in your life? What are you going through and what do you think God is trying to teach you?

 God, Your love and patience are amazing. Your forgiveness is unending. No matter how far we may run, You are always right there. May we always remember that.  Help us to see more clearly and to embrace your will, no matter what form or circumstance it takes.

 In Jesus name, Amen.

Allen (allen4myfamily)



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