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Numbers 7 – 8; Mark 13:21-27

When the altar was anointed, the leaders brought their offerings for its dedication and presented them before the altar.  Num 7:10

These were the offerings of the Israelite leaders for the dedication of the altar when it was anointed: Num 7:84a


Whenever I read passages in the old testament about offerings, I am always fascinated (and there are a lot of them).  Peace offerings, fellowship offerings, wave offerings… sin offerings.  I know what those offerings came to mean to the Israelites – those that truly understood the meaning that is – and I know what many people, even now, think offerings are for.

I guess the fascinating part for me is the fact that there is a clear line between those that get it and those that don’t.  I remember crossing that line a few years ago.  As my bio reads, I came to Christ when I was a teenager, but it wasn’t until I truly started following Christ did I realize that all of these blessings (money, possessions, people, successes, and even failures) I call my life, God made possible. I used to be selfish.  One of those that thought, “I work hard for what I have, why should I give it away?” But then I realized, I wouldn’t have what I have now (and what I don’t have) without Him.  When I make Him an offering, I’m not giving up something I created/earned/built/wrote – I’m giving back what is rightfully His.  Sure, I feel the loss – but that’s the point.  I need to feel that loss. And I need to remember that kind of loss will never match what He felt when He made His greatest offering – His only Son.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from perfect on this issue.  I know I can offer more to Him – not just money – but more of my time – more of my service – more of my heart.  The hard part is, I fear I won’t be comfortable in a good home as I grow older, or that I won’t have enough food on the table, or that I won’t have time to do the “secular” things I like.  But there’s the sin isn’t it?  FEAR.  I fear because I don’t trust God to provide for me.  So, instead of offering it back to Him with gratitude, I keep it to myself.

God, I’ve prayed this before, but my heart yearns for your help – give me courage to fear only you- to trust only you. Help me truly know what my offerings mean to you. Amen.

Jim (jmitch1)



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