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Numbers 23,24,25; Mark 16

One word came to mind when I read Mark 16.


I have often pondered the significance of the women being the first to receive the Good News. I find myself reflecting on that again for today’s reading. Here are these women. Normal women in many respects. Mary Magdelene was one of them. About all we know of her is that Jesus had driven out seven evil spirits from her, and she was there when Jesus told the Parable of the Sower. So maybe she wasn’t so normal after all? We also know from the previous chapter that she was there with some other women at the crucifixion, and a few of these women were careful to follow Joseph to the tomb where he laid the body to rest. These women were faithful. In the previous chapter we also read that they followed Jesus and tended to his needs. Even in death they were tending to him, making sure they knew where he went so that they could return after the Sabbath and anoint his body with spices.

And so near dawn these women are headed to the tomb, doing a job I am pretty sure no one else wanted to do. They loved Jesus so much, and they were determined to give him a proper burial. On their way they wonder who will roll away the stone, but it doesn’t seem like they are too concerned about it. They simply do what they believe they are called to do. Serve. Tend to needs. Show honor. Quietly and efficiently. No fanfare. No quest for notice or appreciation. And these women are blessed beyond measure.

We can all learn a lesson about faithfulness from these women.




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