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Numbers 34, 35, 36; Luke 1:57-80

I’ve been thinking about family a lot lately, both young and old, my history and my future.  My wife recently lost her last remaining grandparent and maybe that is what started this train of thought.  I’m still fortunate to have three of my grandparents alive and still doing very well, but I have been becoming increasingly aware of just how temporary life is.

Numbers talks a lot about families or tribes, but in terms of land and where the different tribes will live and the boundaries that will mark their territories.  There is talk about marrying within the same tribe so that the land stays within the tribe.  I know inheritance often is about physical, tangible things like land and possessions.  Especially in the Bible we see that a lot.  The prodigal son is totally focused on his inheritance.  Being the first born was a big deal because of inheritance.  It was also important though because they took pride in the family name or tribe that they were from.  In the genealogies it lists people’s names and then says son or daughter of so and so.  In Luke Zacharias, while at his son’s circumcision, a very important event in the life of a family, is miraculously healed when his son is named.  He then is filled with the Holy Spirit and starts preaching.  In the verses that follow, he prophesies about his own son and the things that he will do in preparing the way for Jesus.  How cool is that?  God gives him a glimpse of the future of his son.

Family has always been important to me.  Maybe because I didn’t have the best father, I have always put being a good dad at the top of my list for what is most important.  I want to be a good dad to my kids.  But I don’t just think about them.  I often find myself wondering what kids they will have and then their kids and so on.  I guess what I am talking about is legacy.  I am a link in a chain that has and will span centuries.  We all have a legacy, even if you don’t have children.  For those of us who believe in Jesus, it’s an eternal one.  What am I contributing to that?  How am I strengthening that chain?  How am I weakening it?  What am I passing down to others as an inheritance?


Thank You that You are my heavenly Father and that I am Your child.  Thank You that I am part of Your legacy in this world.  Thank You that You have blessed me with an inheritance.  I pray that I use what You have given me to bring You honor and praise so that others will come to know You and call you Father.


Allen Tanner (allen4myfamily)



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