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Judges 11-12; Luke 14:25-35

Jephthah answered, “Suppose you take me back to fight the Ammonites and the LORD gives them to me–will I really be your head?” ~ Judges 11:9

Many people are frustrated today because they didn’t count the cost.  In Luke 14, Jesus talks about “counting the cost,” both the good and the bad, remembering to ask the important question, “Is it in line with God’s plan for me?”

I remember at the end of last year, after finding out we were pregnant, we began to wonder if our home would be big enough or if we should try to move.  And if so, should we rent or buy and could we afford it?  But then we got to the most important question: “It is in God’s plan and His timing for us to buy right now…or is it just what we want?”  We had laid out the cost and only the down payment was really getting in our way.  We knew we could believe God for the thousands of dollars we needed, but was it truly His timing for us?

Jesus said if you’re going to build, it’s wise to first count the cost so you will know if you can finish the project and not have to stop in the middle and endure ridicule, (see Luke 14:28-29).  The Bible describes Jephthah as a mighty warrior, but even he sat down and considered the cost of going into battle for his people before he consented to it.

After lots of prayer and seeking God, we discovered that it wasn’t God’s timing for us to move…and today I’m glad, because God has richly blessed us for our obedience to Him.  What decisions are you facing today for which you need to count the cost?  Have you asked the question “Is this God’s plan and timing or mine?”



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